Teaching African Drumming To Minneapolis School Children School & Community Programs
Kotou Danse offers dance and drumming classes for children, teens and adults of all skill levels in authentic dance and drumming styles of select West African cultural groups. I have worked with many local community groups and educational institutions to create classes and programs designed for a wide variety of students. The dance classes I teach include a warm-up and breakdown of dance steps, followed by choreographed routines to live traditional drumming. The drum classes teach polyrhythmic concepts of African drumming and choreographed techniques to accompany the dance movements that have been learned. If you are interested in booking a class or performance in your school, church or community center, or would like more information about the educational programs offered send me an email at kotoudanse@yahoo.com or call (514) 655-6231.
Teaching African Dance To School Children My Teaching Philosophy
The foundation of my teaching rests on two pillars: patience and communication. Dance is a means of communication whose movements are inspired by daily activities, repeated day in and day out throughout our lives. Dance gives us balance of body and soul. My intention is to teach students to move with day to day ease and with freedom of spirit. By guiding the body through movement, I am able to help students discover their own capacities and develop a self-awareness that often lies hidden within us.
My classroom style is direct. As a dance is physical, the foremost means of learning is by imitation. I communicate clearly with my body language, inviting students to try. I observe my students and correct them as necessary in an encouraging and positive manner. I understand each student to be an individual who has his or her own strengths and challenges. I try to identify these areas and shape the instruction to include ways to improve imperfections and heighten strengths already discovered. Most of all, dance is about expression. I encourage students to take risks and offer them a safe environment in which to do so.